Below are photos of my Birman queen, Taratyn Lintama Solitaire, pet name, Cookie. Cookie is a seal point born in January 2012. She came to me as a three month old kitten from Jenny Goodwin of Taratyn Birmans in Bury St Edmunds. I am very grateful to Jenny for letting me have such a beautiful girl. I used to have a Birman queen some years back and as I really love the Birman kittens, I decided to go back to breeding them. I only have the one breeding girl as my main breed is the Siamese.  We hope to have one litter per year from Cookie.  Birmans don’t have big litters.  They normally have about three kittens but anything between two and five kittens is possible.

I do plan to have Birman kittens this year (2017), however, I will have to wait for Cookie to decide on that one.


   Below are Cookie’s kittens who were born on 27th August, 2014.  All gone to lovely homes.