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( Lintama is pronounced like Sultana)

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in East Anglia



Sugar’s kittens – March 2015

My partner Bernie and myself live in Wetheringsett, well into the Suffolk countryside between Ipswich and Diss. Our home is a 4 bedroom converted barn with more than enough space for the two of us and our cats. We breed the more traditional Siamese cats rather than the show bench type. We breed the basic colours only, i.e. seal, blue, chocolate and lilac. We would describe traditional Siamese or ‘old-style’ as the type of Siamese you would perhaps have seen 40+ years ago.

Other than breeding these lovely cats, we also have a seal point Birman girl called Cookie, pedigree name of Taratyn Lintama Solitaire.  I chose the name Solitaire as she is our only Birman who is mainly a pet but is on the active register.   Birman kittens as they are so lovely and chubby balls of fluff that bounce joyfully around the house.  Birmans are your typical ‘chocolate box’ type cats.

Our other hobby is gardening and I especially grow a lot of plants from seeds and cuttings. I have a wide selection of unusual plants and I enjoy a challenge trying to grow some exotic types. Most of the plants I will try to sell to raise funds for my local branch of the Cats Protection charity.

If we don’t have any Siamese kittens for sale when you call, we will perhaps be able to give you contact details of other Siamese cat breeders who have.   If you would like to know more about the traditional Siamese cat, have a look on the general information page.  I would also suggest you visit www.oldstylesiamese.co.uk   

Lesley Green

Photo of Rikku by Carolin Skirl

A Bubbles’ kitten – December 2014