Siamese queens

 We have three breeding Siamese queens at present.


Our new queen to be is Lintama Chrystelle  – AKA  Sherry.  She is the daughter of Lintama Winter Wonder and Lintama Orlando (Now retired)  Sherry had her first litter in mid December 2022



















 Lintama Violette  aka Gina

Gina was born on 31st August, 2020 and is the daughter of Lintama Urzsulina – AKA  Zippy and Lintama Apollo (now retired).   Gina is very like her mum in looks and  temperament. Gina is our newest queen and is due a litter at the end of April 2023




Lintama Winter Wonder aka Weebee

Weebee is our new seal point queen. She was born on 12th December, 2020 and has had a litter of kittens in Spring of this year. Weebee is the daughter of Chintziam Lintama’s Azure – AKA Yoyo and Lintama Apollo (now retired) and has a lovely nature.  Like the other two girls, she has been a fantastic mother to her litter of seven kittens.  Rather a lot for a  first litter but nevertheless, she took it all in her stride.


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