Siamese queens

 We have one breeding Siamese queen at present, Zippy, registered name, Lintama Urszulina.

Zippy was born on 27th April, 2015 and is the daughter of my recently neutered girl, Sugar (Lintama Finola).  Zippy is a very pretty girl and like her mum, is excellent at being a mum.  She has had two litters so far.  Zippy is friendly, like my other cats and is happy to lie on a welcoming lap when available. She is a typical Siamese.


Lintama Urszulina  aka Zippy





We now have a lovely bluepoint girl who we acquired from our dear friend, David Cutting of Chintziam Siamese in Woodbridge.  Her name is Chintziam Lintama’s Azure and she was born on 1st September, 2016.  We hope to have kittens from her at the end of this year.  She will be mated to my lovely boy Polo

Chintziam Lintama’s Azure

aka   Yoyo