Chintziam Lintama’s Azure (Yoyo) Yoyo is now retired from breeding (9th June, 2023). She has been the most amazing mum to several litters of kittens. She is a very friendly girl who was bred by my good friend, David Cutting.




Siamdipity Lintama Eragon (Tommy)  was neutered 14th April, 2023. He has sired a few litters and has now gone to a new and very good  home.  He loves attention and is rather talkative.  He is a very friendly boy.


Lintama Orlando (Bobby)  was neutered on 29th October, 2021.  He has sired quite a few litters in his young life. He is only young, born 7th May, 2019  but I felt that he needed more attention than I could give him so I have let him go to a lovely home that can give him what he wants. Bobby is now living with a lovely family near Milton Keynes and they idolise him. He has so much attention now and he loves it. I am very grateful that the family love him so much.


Lintama Apollo (Polo) was neutered in November 2020.  He had been a super studboy for several years and has now gone to live in Egham, Surrey, in a lovely house with a huge garden.  He has been a most wonderful natured boy and sired many kittens in his time with me.  He now has all the attention he wants from his new owner, India, and she loves him to bits. He has the company of two other cats and two dogs. They are all happy together which is excellent.



Lintama Finola (Sugar) is now neutered, (July 2017).  She will be 4 years old in October 2017 but as she is in season nearly all the time, we thought it best for her to be neutered. She has had 3 litters and all the kittens have been lovely.  She did a great job of being mum.


Lintama Rainbow Star (Gemma) has now been neutered (March 2016)  and at the age of 5yrs old it’s now time for her to have a pet life. Also did a wonderful job being a mum.


Lintama Francesca (Bubbles) was neutered on 9th October, 2015 at 6yrs old and it is her time to be retired.

She has been a wonderful mum.


Lintama Firefox (Pepe) was neutered 24th February, 2015.

 Pepe has been a wonderful stud boy and it is time for him to have a life where he can more or less do as he pleases.  We have had lovely kittens from him and he has been a great addition to our breeding program. His genes will live on in other breeding cats which will go on for, hopefully, a very long time.  He has now ( June 2015) gone to live with Margaret Fraser in Manchester who has a lovely garden and woods to the back where he can do what he wants.  I hope he is enjoying his new life as a pet who Margaret simply adores.


Sibir Lintama Changsai (Chang)  14th August, 2005 – 29th May, 2018


Retired 22nd June 2010

Chang was neutered just before he was 5 years old and rehomed to a lovely family with a riding school.  He had a wonderful time with many acres of land to investigate.  He was popular with the girls who worked at the riding school so was never without company.  The riding school is not too far from our home and I visited him on occasions.    He certainly had a wonderful life.  Chang gave me many lovely kittens during his ‘working’ years and I thought I would return the favour by finding him the best possible home.   Sadly it was discovered that he had lymphoma in February 2018 which was a terrible blow to his owner.  He did well on medication but it was only temporary;  he went downhill quickly and in May and had to be put to sleep.  He didn’t suffer which was good and purred to the very end. There is a special place in my heart for him. He was my first stud.  Sleep well lovely boy.


Bengatos Seal Sarakit (Koko also known as Squeaky)  09/03/2003 – 27/04/2017

Koko, my beautiful girl gave me many lovely kittens in her lifetime as a breeding queen.  Unfortunately, she developed kidney disease around 2015 which she had treatment for and maintained a good quality of life but she eventually deteriorated and she had to be put to sleep in 2017 which was very sad indeed.  It just isn’t the same without her.  Rest in peace my lovely girl.