I would like to explain the term ‘Applehead’ to you.

I, myself, cringe at the term ‘Applehead’. It is almost derogatory to the breed. I believe the term started in the USA and there are a lot of round headed so called Siamese over there. Some may well be authentic Siamese but I understand that there are some cross-bred ones too. I believe the American Shorthair cat was introduced to give the cat a rounded look. That is the quick and wrong way to achieve a traditional look. I know it is much slower but it is definitely best to select the correct breeding cats of pure lines to achieve the correct look. I must emphasise too that in no way should the health and well being of the breeding cats and kittens be compromised. We are, after all, dealing with live animals and not ornaments you put in a show case.The standard of points for showing Siamese states that the head of the Siamese should be wedge with large ears. Whether the Siamese is modern or traditional, it still should meet the standard of points laid down for the breed which has not changed in over 40 years. The only problem that I see is how these points are interpreted. It is how we think the cat should look. In my opinion the cat should look balanced in every way. Ears not too large, not too wedgy , not too slim, etc. Neither should it be heavy, round headed and with round eyes. When looking face on at the cat, you need to see an equilateral triangle from nose to tips of ears as follows:

Left and below are photos of seal point Champion Inwood Shadow. In my opinion, possibly the most beautiful Siamese of all time. She was born in 1947 and owned and bred by Mrs McGregor. She has a well balance head and her eyes are the right shape. Her body colour was pale. This is the style of cat that I think is correct. I will no doubt have opposition on that one.


Sorry about the picture quality but you can still see the body and head shape.

I am only too sorry that this type of cat has gone out of fashion with a lot of breeders. I am doing my best along with a few others (and I stress, only a few) to keep the old-style Siamese going and hope more breeders will follow in time.